I was always a happy and friendly person. I had a great life with a really good husband, a nice house, even my own horse. Who on earth could want anything more?

And then a ballistic missile landed right in the middle of my lovely life. That “really good husband” was cheating on me behind my back. I was devastated. I then found out that during this cheating he had been running up credit card bills and then the debt collectors descended. They wanted everything, my house, everything in it and even my horse. I fought tooth and nail to keep him – and won.

Right on top of that another ballistic missile landed. I was made redundant! I was lonely, very sad and utterly destitute. My only comfort was talking to Trevor who was the very best listener in the world. He always listened, was always comforting and never critical or demanding.

Time moved on. I never really got over it. I was both very sad and also seething with the pent up anger of such rejection. To have loved and lost is a very bad place to be but Trevor seemed to understand.

As time passed my anger and sadness receded and my happiness began to return. I met a lovely guy and with time I began to find love again. Eventually we were married. Trevor was still my rock and dependable sounding board.

We tried to have children but we had fertility issues which subjected us to the emotional rollercoaster that brings. Imagine my happiness when I found that I was pregnant and that was really accelerated when I had a beautiful son. And then, I was completely made up when I had another wonderful son. My life was so full and happy that I could burst with joy!

Perhaps it was too good to be true because suddenly another ballistic missile arrived, Trevor died. All through my sadness, my happiness, my highs and my very lows, he had been my lifeline and my rock. Then, suddenly he was gone and I was, yet again, left devastated.

Trevor was my horse of a lifetime and he had, almost knowingly, supported me through thick and thin. Horses are really good at doing that but losing him left a big hole in my life.

Whenever anything had gone wrong in the past, Trevor had been there so I felt lost knowing that he was no longer there to turn to. Which is why, after his cremation, I got in contact with Footprints and Whispers. They helped me to have some of his ashes made into a beautiful piece of jewellery, which I now wear all the time. So, I still talk to him.

Knowing that Trevor is still close to me brings me great comfort so even though I am, of course, still saddened by his death, I am now a very complete and an extremely happy person.

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