“Those who have been passed away do not have to be forgotten…”

Memorial jewellery can be divided into two clear categories, Memento Vitae and Memento Mori  ie, memorable jewellery of the living and memorial jewellery for the deceased.

Some very notable Memento Vitae would include;

Richard Burton bought the very memorable jewel, the Taylor-Burton diamond, a 69.42 carat, pear shaped diamond in 1969 for the highest price ever paid up to then, in 1969. She later sold it for $ 5M to pay for a hospital in Botswana.

Tsar Alexander III gave his wife the first Faberge egg in 1885 and then repeated it every Easter thereafter.

Cleopatra gave Julius Ceasar a very valuable Persian Rug….. with her rolled up inside it! Was this a crown in the jewel?

Today, people who care about each other buy, or exchange memorable pieces of jewellery as memento vitae in the way people have for millennia past. It can be made into a very special gift if it incorporates something very precious such as a lock of a child’s hair, a twist of mane from a horse, sand from a very memorable beach etc.

In Australia and New Zealand such memorable jewellery often incorporates dried umbilical cord to symbolise that your baby is for ever with you. Of course, it also embodies the DNA of that child too.

Tree of Life Heart Pendant

This Footprints and Whisper Tree of Life Pendant has been worn, filled with powdered umbilical cord, hair, dried flowers, cremated remains so it is both a memento vitae and memento mori.

Memorial Jewellery to remember those who have passed away has also been worn for millenia. It went out of fashion until Queen Victoria made it popular again in the 19th Century. You can read more about it here. Today it is seeing a resurgence in its popularity for the very same reasons. It brings comfort, warmth and pleasure to people who want to feel physically close to a very dear person who has passed on.

This gold Tear Drop Pendant encapsulates ashes in glass and can also carry burial soil or sand. A Father had passed away and his daughter had his ashes put into this lovely piece of jewellery in order that she could wear it at her wedding so that he would be accompanying down the aisle. A true love story.

Gold Faceted Teardrop Pendant

At Footprints and Whispers we care for you and your jewellery and very particularly the very precious ash to be encapsulated in the glass. You can see our range of memorial jewellery for him here and memorial jewellery for her here.